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  • Although the FPD Group (a member of the National Seed Traders Forum and the South African Exporters Forum) does take precautions to only supply potatoes from seed growers, which are of the best quality and complies with the provisions of the official Certification Scheme (Potato Certification Services) and tests done in terms thereof, the FPD Group does not furnish an absolute guarantee against any or form of infection and shall not be liable on the basis of any representation or undertaking, either explicit or by implication in respect of the seed potatoes which it sells and the buyer accepts the seed potatoes "voetstoots". The right of ownership and risk in respect of such seed potatoes passes on to the buyer when the seed potatoes are supplied on the premises of the seed growers of the FPD Group and in the case of dispatch, the right of ownership and risk passes from the FPD Group to the buyer once the seed potatoes are dispatched to the buyer by the FPD Group and leave the FPD Group premises.

    Notwithstanding the provisions above, the buyer shall be entitled to notify the FPD Group in writing within 7 days after the delivery of the seed potatoes, should he refuse to accept the seed potatoes in terms of these conditions of sale, in which case a dispute shall exist which shall be settled in terms of the provisions in respect of arbitration contained in the Certification Scheme.

    Payment terms will be 30 days after statement, unless otherwise discussed. Interest will be charged on late payment. Interest will be charged at Prime + 5%. FPD Group and associated companies:

    • FPD Holdings (Pty) Ltd
    • FPD Seed & Development (Pty) Ltd
    • Advanced Potato Propagation (Pty) Ltd
    • Sell-Fresh (Pty) Ltd

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