Yearly FPD Strategy meeting

Yearly FPD Strategy meeting

Although we talk on a daily basis and work on strategy and ideas within the company constantly, we get together once a year for a Yearly Strategy Meeting.

Here we discuss the year going forward, strengths and weaknesses in our own company. How we can improve where necessary, perfect something which is not perfected yet and offer our suppliers and customers the best possible experience.

We work hard and we work fast. After everything is discussed, plans laid out and decisions made, then we relax…

This year we were at the beautiful Amanzi Private Game Reserve.

We tried our hand at some sharp shooting (where the girls beat the guys – just saying…), we also tried some shooting with bows and arrows. This was a bit harder than expected, and we probably would starve if we were to provide food with a bow and arrow. But it was great fun and we would try again any day.

We were taken on a game drive, where we saw loads of animals, including a variety of bucks, some giraffe’s as well as some lions.

As a special treat we were taken to the lion enclosure for feeding time, giving us a rarely seen sight as the lions ate the chickens. This was a bit scary as the one lion didn’t like to be photographed and tried to rush the fence and photographer…

With our offices spread so far apart, we need this get together. Just to get to know each other again, learn something new about someone you didn’t know, have something to drink and laugh about something stupid.

We are a great team, something we re-discovered with this meeting.

We have challenges just like every other company, but we are a great group of people, working toward the bigger picture and enjoying ourselves while we are doing it.