Yearly Agrico & Meijer Visit

Yearly Agrico & Meijer Visit

Each year we visit Holland for their yearly Variety and Seedling Shows at Agrico and Meijer.

These are days, in which they invite Agrico and Meijer agents from all over the world to observe new varieties, learn new things about old varieties and just mingle with fellow agents from all over the world.

Erik Oggel from Meijer took us through all the varieties and their characteristics. We talked about what could work in South Africa. Each country having their unique set of challenges means that not all varieties will work in all parts of the world. We discussed what could be the best for our current market, and what will be import next year.

There are a few possible varieties from Meijer. One such promising variety is Jazzy.

We also visited Agrico. FPD discussed all current and new varieties we need to concentrate on, which ones we need to import next year, which ones are working in our climate and which ones aren’t.

We talked with fellow agents, getting their ideas and picking their brains about what varieties worked in their countries and which ones are showing the most promise.

We were treated by both Meijer & Agrico to business dinners while we were there. Mingling with fellow agents from all over the world. Saying hallo to old contacts and meeting some new ones.

Although we worked hard, we also had a bit of fun and a little bit of sight-seeing, admiring the beautiful Holland.

This is truly a visit we look forward to each year.

We cannot wait to see what new varieties the next year hold in for us, knowing that Agrico & Meijer are constantly producing new, exciting varieties for us to import to South Africa.