First Potato Dynamics

First Potato Dynamics

"We put potato cultivars on the market, with characteristics that is in such high

demand, that it develops a chain of advantages for those involved, from the farmer

producing the potato to the person eating the potato."

Daan du Plessis

Director & Founder of FPD Seed & Development

Constantly doing new trails and

importing new varieties to

improve the South African market.

Giving the production sector

a bigger selection.

Giving the end-user a better tasting,

better looking high quality product.

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The FPD Group specialises in the development and commercialisation of potato varieties that have Plant Breeders Protection (PBR Varieties) in terms of the international UPOV Convention.

Advanced Potato Propagation (APP)

produces mini tubers twice a year on order and are harvested in July and again in January, accommodating both

FPD Seed & Development

has been in the business for 20 years, constantly importing new varieties and doing new trails to improve

Spudwise (Pty) Ltd

is the company in the FPD Group which handles all the Meijer Varieties

Sell-Fresh (Pty) Ltd

we have mainly concentrated on supplying the processing industry. With the establishment of Sell-Fresh we have started


Meijer Potato